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How to Landscape a Desert

When people hear of a desert, they imagine of a dry and sandy place. To them; it is a desolate place that is better shunned. If you live in a desert, then, there is no running away from it. The nice thing to d is to plan your landscape. With careful and deliberate planning, the desert could be turned to all-time green home. You need to have some extra knowledge to achieve this. If you want a nice desert landscape, why not involve experts? They will help make a nice landscape with minimum efforts. Learn some tips towards getting a better desert landscape.
One thing that you have to do is to conduct soil sampling.

Deserts tend to have high salts concentration and may not be suitable for many plants. It is nice to know that plants that can be supported by this soil and grow without much assistance. Some plant specials cannot survive in the desert at any rate and the only thing to do is to desist from planting them. One you know the soil type and plants suitable, ask the expert which supplements are necessary. There are fertilizers that can even increase the salt concentration to levels that are harmful to the plant. When you have right information, you will only add supplements that are suitable for growth of the plant.

Learn the right irrigation methods for our garden. The scarcest thing in the desert is water and every drop must be accounted for. Drip irrigation method is considered best since it reduces water evaporation and drainage. Despite the measures to reduce water loss, you must ensure that there is proper drainage.
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Drainage is important to avoid water logging which could cause root rotting during rainy seasons. You can design the irrigation zones to ensure efficient water use. This includes grouping plants that have similar water requirements together. As such, you will give less water to plants that require less water to survive in the desert. There are some plants that won’t even require water to grow in the desert.
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Look for indigenous plants and cultivated them. Such plants are adapted to arid conditions. They won’t require a lot of attention for them to grow healthy unlike exotic plants. Some nice plants in this category are the succulent species. These plants stay for longer duration without irrigation since they can store water. There are varieties of plants that are succulent that can give your landscape aesthetic needs. These include those that are flowery, soil cover and fence plants. Take time and plants in the best place and pattern.